I have a Japanese hen whom has been sick since the beginning of January. First, shortly before she got sick our eldest hen died from what I think is the same thing. Her only symptom was gasping for air during bed time. Other then that she played and ate fine.We had a vet see her and they gave her Baytril, but after the second dose she passed away. Now I have another hen who is doing the same thing.... gasping for air at bed time and also while being held. At first, she played and ate fine as well but eventually she became weak, lethargic and not eating well.She now has also developed swollen eyes. She has seen 4 vets and has been on Baytril twice and Clavamox once. Now she is on SMZ-TMP. After her third vet visit I discovered she and our other babies had bugs. I treated that and as far as I know that problem is gone. Her last vet visit I was told she is probably severely anemic from the bugs which I had been already trying to treat her for, but I don't think this is what is wrong with her.I've done everything I can think of and don't want to give up on her.No one knows what is wrong with her.Please help if possible.I also wanted to add that just recently I noticed that 3 of my hens(they are sitting on eggs) faces look like they are turning yellow around their eyes and beaks? I started them on scratch grain about a month ago and they have been eating eggs a little more often then usual....could this be why or am I getting more sick hens? Any advice would be great even if it is just an idea! Lilybug and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!