Hello Robbie, Thank you for the reply. I was thinking Mycoplasma but she has no discharge or sneezing/coughing. Just the gasping only while held or at bedtime. Plus, wouldn't my other chickens have showed some sign of this by now since it does spread? We clean their bedding on a daily basis and everything was thoroughly cleaned when we found the bugs.We added scratch grain along with their layer crumbles,so they get both.Actually my husband just changed the layer crumbles to chick crumbles because a vet recommended it.They also get lettuce, rolled oats,and mealworms on a daily basis.Sometimes yogurt and eggs.I have been orally giving Lilybug Nutri-Drench vitamins,Nutri-Cal High Calorie Nutritional Supplement,Missing Link Ultimate Poultry Superfood supplement,baby food and yogurt.I've read that Braggs raw apple cider vinegar does wonders, so I started putting that in their plastic water bowls yesterday.All that is not eaten gets thrown away everynight and new stuff is put out for them.