Received a phone call from a lady living in NY. She is urgently seeking information to control Red mites in a dear friends special small flock of breeding birds. IN POLAND. He is losing birds. Dusts and powders have given no help. YEARS ago, I received some Silkies via Railway Express. Apparently their shipping wooden box brought Red Mites. Lost one pullet her first set-but learned about RED MITES. Located them--daytime-- on the coop wall above the roost box, in a small red circle. They are on the birds only at night, so not seen in a daytime inspection. Smeared them with my hand--but in those days BLACK LEAF 40 was mite control--painted on the roost bar. Easy complete control. Have never had Red mites since. Black Leaf 40 has not been available for a number of years. (I doubt that some of the newer controls are really safer)--It is up to us to follow directions and never to use any kind of Poisons, unless necessary!~
What products in Europe will eliminate Red Mites?--so far, the powders he has tried have done no good, of course--needs a liquid or paste control for the roosts. Appreciate any information to relay to the Polish lady in NY--who would mail a product, that is not available in Europe, to him, if possible. RedCap? others?