I am interested in possibly starting a line of Cuckoo Orpingtons but as I usually do, I have to know what I am getting into. I have raised Black, Blue, and Buff Orpingtons for many years, lately I have been working on Lavenders.

If anyone has experience with this variety of Orpington, I would appreciate hearing from you. According to some information on another site, the Cuckoo variety was developed many years ago in England along with the Black Orpington, ie Dr. Cook. I find this hard to believe.

It seems that almost every day there is a new variety of Orpington popping up. To get these odd varieties, Jubilee, etc., other breeds must have been introduced. I guess the elephant in the room is this, does a "real" Orpington still exist? Perhaps I am too much a purest, but why can't some things be left alone? Why are some of these new spectacles being passed off as "heritage Orpingtons"?
Heritage Hens