I have two light Brahmas that were hatched early april. Both are developing in regards to size/muscles etc except that one is still in chick down and not developing adult plumage. Both have the same care / food / etc and I've watched them a lot and know the one is not being picked on / having feathers pulled. I assume its genetic... but what? Reminds me of some strains of hairless rats that retain 'fuzz' but the featherless chickens I've googled for are all photos of adults with no feathers- I don't know if the down will stay or go and this bird end up featherless or not. Has anyone seen this before?

Here are photos of the two brahmas (hatch mates). This pics were taken around 11 june, and they were hatched 4 april so they are about 2+ months old.



Close up of the affected chick without hatchmate:
Alan ~ Far West Chicago Suburbs