Hello, my name is Jason and I live in NC. Originally from BC Canada, my Opa raised Dutch bantams in Holland and then in Canada for many years. Looking for good CLB or BCLB and looking for the book as well. My Opa is 85, and he has been out of birds a long time, but would love to share it with him and discuss. Took me 40+ years to get Dutch, but better late than never.
Not a novice to birds, have raised many birds in my life, grass finches, grass parakeets, doves, pheasants, and peafowl. Have had Dutch for a year now, but was around them as a child and then later in college as my Opa's first line in Canada died out in the 80's and he later imported birds from Jean Robocker in the 90's. Today I have birds from 2 sources and some are originally from Jean Robocker as well! Funny how things come full circle. My Opa always had the gold Dutch, and was always looking to improve them. I have some CLB and BCLB today, research tells me that Gold doesn't breed true (thanks Jean). Looking for the book for research with my Opa, as it is something we can do together in the last years of his life. He put on shows in BC, and he always asks about my birds every time we talk.

Does anyone have any true BCLB and CLB for sale and also does anyone have a copy of the book they are willing to sell, or scan?

Looking forward to many discussions with you all.

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