I remember arranging a Border crossing for some Dutch to your Opa, and corresponding. Would have to hunt for the records of the birds he got--no time for that now. Wish I had some birds for you. I think that Doc Sharp has been in touch. Might be worth waiting until he has some for you (related to my birds). This is the first year since 1986 that I am not hatching Dutch. Hope to write 2 books on Dutch this winter, largely picture books, but enough copy to be helpful in choosing birds for breeding best and correct TYPE and COLOR for standard varieties--and one on the Mille Fleur Dutch. Sent quite a few Dutch to Canada, but it is now quite expensive to get them the testing and import papers--and then folks must come for them at my farm. Say hello to Opa! It is the last years of my life also--but NEVER RETIRE or stop learning--stay as active as possible and keep in touch--