CJR I often remind myself how lucky we are that we don't have destructive predators as you do. Most that bothers us are some of the ferret family that some silly immigrants thought would be nice to have in NZ, such as stoats, weasels an escaped hunting ferrets, Australasian hawk, native falcons, but we don't have them this far north. Australian possums, Norwegian rats too, but nothing that could destroy a hen house, so, I do lock my hens in at night, but many don't bother.

As for the unseasonal weather patterns we get now, I guess that is the downside of climate change and we will continue to hear or read about droughts, floods, cyclones and even tornadoes, wheich we seem to be getting more of now.

For us coming into mid spring, my hens particularly seem to be laying well. getting around 2doz a day, and had a 100% hatch on the first incubation, so being over-run by eggs and chicks at present.

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