I bred a white Araucana roo I got from a friend who has bred nothing but white Araucana's the past 5 years. All her chicks are yellow so I'm "assuming" dominant whites. She never hatched anything but yellow chicks that feathered in white.

I breed this white rooster to my black Araucana hens for a couple white pullets to keep and breed back to him because my hens are larger and robust compared to her whites. Set a handful/staggered hatches.

As expected, the first 4 hatch. All yellow down. Showing white feathers coming in......

Then 3 more hatched today. A white...and 2 that appear to be blue. How the heck? I figured her flock was pretty much homozygous for dominant white. My hens are EE.

What happened? I can't even think straight at the moment