Hopefully others will also post image webhosting websites that they like. The following 'imgur" is the one I'm using...

Imgur image web hosting site (https://imgur.com/) is free.
You can upload as many images as you want (unlimited) except only allowed to upload 50 images per hour.

- FAQ - how to upload images
- FAQ -how to share images for Forums
* What you need is the BBCode for forums

For example, once images have been uploaded to imgur, how to get the BBCode link for posting in forums.

Step 1: hover cursor over image:

This brings up a down arrow:

Step 2: hover cursor over down arrow:

This brings up a dropdown box

Step 3: Click on the "Get share links".

This brings up a window with Share links:

Step 4: Click on the BBCode (Forums) "Copy" button:

* then paste the code into a forum post.