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Is there a leg color linked to this gene?

Yes, Id locus (inhibitor of dermal pigment) is closely linked to B locus (barring, sex-linked dilution, sex-linked extreme dilution) 14%. But previous research by Punnett etc have noted B-id+ individuals (through test breeding), so they know that the B gene itself dilutes id+ dermal pigment too, as well as E or ER epidermal pigment.

The sex-linked spotty mutation dilutes id+ dermal, & E epidermal pigment very well, including beak colour, & dark eye colour is diluted to orange. I haven't confirmed as yet as to whether spotty is an allele of the B locus. No wild-type chicks have segregated from my het. spotty/barred rooster (to spotty or crele hens), only spotty so far. But I haven't segregated B/- or B/B without spotty from him either so far. Need to set more....