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So using these in a White flock is not a bad idea? And YES I've seen a LOT of Araucana's with that whitish/barred color as adults. Not fond of that color at All but if they make better whites, They can at least be useful.

Right, excellent in helping clean the white and getting the legs a sparkly clean even color(either white or yellow only though)- notice even the hen has very clear legs, despite having only one copy of the gene(sex linked). Compare that to normal barring as on barred rocks- common for hens to have some black coloring to various degrees on their legs and toes.

As for personal taste- I did not care for this color very much either- don't have any more examples of this gene in flock. It was an interesting surprise and little project to work with- bred them together to get homozygous roosters, to see if there was anything else such as blue, mottle or..? that could have accounted for making them so pale. Nothing else, just this single B^Sd thing, every other bird without it were normal black.

It is absolutely reliable and extremely clear autosexing trait. I could even sex the chicks once they externally pipped/started to zip around the egg.. No need for them to come out and dry off first, the difference was that startling. So that's another big plus for this gene- much less confusion than with the other commonly available autosexing breeds- I saw posts asking for 'gender guesses' on legbars on byc far too often....

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