And another question, did this come out because I bred the white roo to my black hens? And is a gene in the white roo, not the black hens so it's visual now? Is there any benefit for my white pen, to breed for more of these chicks or is it fine to just know the white rooster carries this gene? I want to make the most of him.

And, I planned to breed white daughters back to him. Will that change things. Is this gene something better when homozygous? or will his daughters out of black hens showing the gene....bred back to him, be good choices?

Regarding leg color...The rooster is from a few generations of all yellow legged green. I knew going in that I wanted to avoid using cockerels from this cross, I am concerned that I could bring in the green leg gene from my black hens.

Can this gene, that cleans up leg color, hide the gene for green legs? If I bred a yellow legged hen from this ...could she produce green legged offspring if the gene B^sd is present?