I have found some bantam RIRs, and Spangled OEG bantams. I don't know how the egg production will be on the RIR banties, but i expect better than the OEG bantams. I also got a Mille Fleur DUccle, but that was before I found these other two; at the time I thought i'd be stuck with that as my only option until I found the others.

I also got some bantam barred rocks, which I also hope have better egg production. Besides wanting to recreate a sussex like bantam, I want to re-create a mini-version the autosexing cross I'm doing in LF which among other things, uses cuckoo marans and speckled sussex.


- Should I even bother with the dUccle, or will that be too many unwanted traits to have to breed out.
- To get a proper Sussex body type, should I look for any other bantam breeds (which?) or use a LF outcross.
- I know some bantam breeds don't produce many egggs; are there bantams that DO produce lots of eggs? Which? If there aren't really, is this something that can be improved with just selection, or is it a reason to do a LF cross? (This is more for my bantam version of autosexing cross (using cuckoo marans for LF version, with bantam barred rocks as 2nd best for bantam version), so sussex body type isn't a concern).
- speaking of which, are there any good dark brown bantam layers easily obtainable, or another reason for an LF cross?

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