I thought the few remaining writers and readers could collect some ideas, how we could revitalize this Forum.
My main idea would be an email to all registered Users.
I think this Forum has started some time ... it should be possible to restart it again.
Probably it would be necessary, that the genetic area is "closed" for non-registered readers and Users who were non-active e.g. for more than 6 months.
I think it is not acceptable, that people collect knowledge here to carry it to other Forums, without contributing here.
An other way to make the wealth of knowledge available on a "fair trade basis" could be to take money.
This would be also an option to finance the future of the Forum and the change to another safer and more comfortable Forum Software.
This Forum is an example with paying members. They were using my favorite Forum Software Invision Power Board in the past, but changed to the free Forum MyBB.