hello from the dead.

I have not been on here since 2012 when I could not log on no matter how I tried. I tried a different ID when I moved house and changed computer and I managed a new ID but it was not the same and I lost interest.

today for some unexplained reason my old ID logged in. after 6 years!

can I offer some ideas to help with this forum?

first I think there should be a like button for posts. this helps in 2 ways, 1. people feel appreciated when someone has bothered to like your post and 2.it allows someone to appreciate your post without having to say anything else....it means the post is being read and appreciated.

second. with the recent problem with facebook on their giving out people's personal information to other sources plus giving out the friends personal information, FB is in the poo. suddenly I think people are thinking that they do not need it, what did we do before?
on this forum there are wonderful ways to communicate that FB does not have. I can change my font colour and size for a start. I can follow topics, I can bring back topics. I can use videos I have on you tube.

I don't know why I was thrown into the wilderness for so long. I don't know why you let me back in but I can tell you this forum can work and I can help. in my years in oblivion I have learned more skills and have learned how to get to people.

I believe this forum had too much control by one person who was quiet rude to people. I think it can work again. you just have to make it exciting and fun.