I'm into my 5th year of breeding red columbian wyandottes and have been thinking I should do a test mating on an outcross to gauge colour fastness and to improve their combs a little. (some are a bit like Redcaps) What would you suggest I try? My kept roosters are now all related to the hens. I've been thinking GLW but I don't know enough about genetics and how they effect various attributes, so don't know if this is the right mating. I don't want to end up with lacing bleeding back through the colour for instance, since it has taken a while to get rid of it through my crosses. What would be the best boy to cross with my red columbian girls to get better combs? I don't have the option of breeding any other Red Colombians as no-one else I have found, breeds them in NZ Only the bantam variety are here but I also don't want to downsize my girls either as size and type are good.