I'm new to the forum and have a question about one of our laying hens.

The bird is a black Australorp, and she is 16 months old. Two days ago I noticed she had a prolapsed vent. Unfortunately it took me several days (maybe even a week) to take notice, and so the prolapsed tissue had become quite dry and hard.

I've read all the posts I could find herein on the subject and they were very helpful.

We have isolated the bird, put her on limited rations, and twice daily have cleaned the area and pushed the tissue back in. We've taken measures to keep her warm, and in low light. She has stopped laying for the time being.

Unfortunately, she keeps pushing the tissue back out, and just now we noticed that the tissue is also torn, a tear of about 1cm.

This does not seem to bode well. We think she may have to be culled. We can do this ourselves, but of course we'd rather not--other than this problem, she is the picture of health, and she is our best (and at this time our only active) layer. It'd be a shame to lose her, but I also don't want to let her become diseased as a result of this ailment.

My question, then, is two-fold:

1. considering the torn tissue, is it too late to save her?
2. since her oviduct is torn, will she be safe to eat after culling? (we fear that feces has passed into her body cavity due to the tear)

Thanks very much,