This weekend I took my just 4 week old silkies outside for a bit to give them a new experience. They are in a pen inside still climate controled. Sat. afternoon I took them out and it was warm out. They got onto the ground and almost imediately all layed down, leaning on one side. I thought maybe they wanted a dust bath, but they didn't even make an attempt. The ground was too hard and covered with grass anyway. They just kept piling onto each other laying down, so I thought maybe it was just too hot for them or just such a change so I brought them back inside after only maybe 20 minutes. They got into their pen and lifted their wings out for a bit and even strectched their heads out onto each other. Was it the heat? Is this normal? I'm hoping to put them outside in a week or so perminently, but now I'm wondering...any thoughts?