Noticed that some of you have "wheezing" barred rocks. Yesterday morn I noticed one of mine (approx. 16 wks old) was doing that "barking" sound, perhaps a cough? followed by beak movement, as tho tasting something. I could tell by her eyes, she didn't feel good, but she moved around all day, scratching and seeming to eat. She didn't take her usual greedy portion of bread crumbs (maybe because I had sprinkled them with Teramycin and Rooster booster (a vit-wormer). By evening, I could also hear a low wheezing, almost like humming as she exhaled. She would shake her head occasionally, and scratch at her facial area. Best I can identify with symptoms might be gape worm. I've heard this barking before but not with other symptoms, and either it went away or the chicken got along fine living with it. Wouldn't you know..she's very special. Please advise soon if this sounds familiar.