After having my hen on biotics for 3 days with no improvement, she (Miss Peepers) started coughing up bloody mucous, so I went back to my 1st thought of gapeworm, and after some research and CJR's advice to look in her throat, I was able to get a glimpse of what looked like a bit of dark pink blood vessel. Rushed out for Piperazine (not my first choice, but nothing else available), and found out from a Vet & poultry specialist that it wouldn't work! I just happend to have some Ivermectin horse paste in a tube for a 1250 lb. horse, which I had planned on putting a bit in another hen's eye for eye worm. (So far it hasn't improved the eyeworm. I gave her a bit orally, and today put it directly in her eye).

The Vet was sceptical for fear of overdose, but relented if I only smeared a bitty bit on a wet q-tip and dabbed it in her mouth. The poultry specialist was more relaxed and said to use just under a pea-size amt. I'll have you know, that within hours, Miss Peepers had quit barking (coughing). By evening, she was eating bread crumbs again. I'm keeping up the biotics for a while, in case she has some other respiratory problem from the worm, like pneumonia. She's still a bit raspy. And, I'm keeping her isolated for a couple of more days in case her stools are infectious (worm eggs). Gosh! I will give her another q-tipping once a wk/for 3 more wks. I have had such a bad month with sick animals, it feels so good when one ends up being saved. Thanks to people like you who respond and care. I'll be posting this on the coop. I didn't have any idea how to tell gape from a cold.

smile Viggy