Hi, Guys I have a similar problem to another post where chickens have turned on their own. My story is a little different, as I believe mine has to do with giving my chickenís cat food. I do not have a rooster for those who know me - I have now three chickens one, which is more debeaked than the others are.

My chickens are SUSIE - who is the only one who lays an egg I am not fussed of who lays eggs. ROSIE - Susie sister - the more debeaked one and the weaker one. Penny or as I call her FATSO she was one of the first we were also picked on ROSIE from day one - does not let her eat.

I too need some HELP PLEASE - as I mention one of the first chickens I received passed away and the two I got later are sisters SUSIE & ROSIE as I see it - BUT the SUSIE One has turned on her - and I mean turned on ROSIE. SUSIE does not let ROSIE eat - we have to separate SUSIE AND PENNY to let ROSIE - eat - she seems ok. IN ADDITION, HANGS AROUND PENNY A LOT - DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY _ HOWEVER NOW KEEPS RIGHT AWAY FROM SUSIE.

Lately (actually a little every day) I have been giving my chickens CAT FOOD - only SUSIE and ROSIE Love it PENNY does not like it - I wonder if this has turned SUSIE INTO A MONSTER.

I donít believe ROSIE is ill, but I know she is JUST WEAK also - for those who saw a picture of her saw her in her prime - she does not look as good then now is moulting (how long does that go for) when mentioned last time and her NECK NOW looks THIN. In addition, ROSIE does not look as FULL as BIG as the others do.

I would like to send a person a recent picture of her for advice.

Anyway I need some advice please in what to do with SUSIE'S behaviour to ROSIE - with PENNY she is mean but not BAD like SUSIE - SUSIE Is her sister they came together. DID the CAT FOOD DO THIS TO SUSIE MADE HER A MONSTER

Can I put SUSIE in another place to sleep at nights on her own - to each her lesson? Hoping that might wake her up. In addition, I am in the backyard most of the day watching them but now I am afraid for ROSIE from SUSIE as Bill states it can bet UGLY.

DID the Cat food have anything to do with it? - DID I create SUSIE into a Monster especially to her sister ROSIE?

They are BACKYARD CHICKENS all day in the Backyard - only SUSIE attacks ROSIE when there is food or tires to impress me I think - not sure - But I tell her off and carry a stick and try to smack her bottom gently mind you.

Tomorrow I need to take mum to the doctors I do not like the idea of leaving them in the house for long even if there is a cabbage.

Please advise - Also SUSIE stills is Naughty and Flyís and even FLYíS on top of ROSIE - I must take your advice of before and get SUSIE'S WING CLIPPED - but I am scared that I will hurt - - DOES it HURT A THEM.