We had a lot of chickens growing up, but I never dealt as closely with them as I have since signing on as a leader in my nieces' 4-H group. Back then it was to the extent of going out with my grandmother to help feed and gather eggs.

Any how here's the problem. I have two Cochins, a buff and a black. About a month ago I went out one morning before work and noticed the black favoring her left leg. After work I went for a closer look and noticed she wasn't even putting any weight on it at all. She would stand and keep it held tightly against her.

She is getting around better now but still hops most of the time on the right. The knee is swollen, and when the leg is moved a little, a "catch" can be felt. Would that be a sign of a severe sprain, or does anybody have any ideas? I figured if it was a break, it couldn't be moved at all.

How it happened still has me baffled. The buff seems like she tries to be the dominate on. I have seen her standing smack dab in the middle of "Bat's" back when she would be laying down.

Thanks for any information anybody may have.