In response to the recent concern over “Bird Flu” I have started this topic to help our members understand the risks they may be exposed to and what they can do about it.

I ask that this thread remain on topic. The topic being the prevention of disease. Thank you.

I would like to start with a few general guidelines and offer some links to get things started.

Strong healthy birds are less likely to get sick. A good diet, plenty of fresh clean water, low stress and a clean environment will go a long way to develop a strong healthy flock. Birds with unknown illness should be isolated or culled.

Bio-security. Simply put bio-security means what is on your property stays on your property and what is off your property stays off your property. Some things are beyond our control like migrating wild birds. Many things are within our control. Be careful where you get new birds. Unfortunately there are people who will unload sick birds on you. Auctions are one of the worst since you are not likely to see that person again. Always quarantine any new birds you bring home and your own birds if they have left the property. Many diseases are transmitted through droppings, feathers, and even dust. If you have been working with your birds clean up before visiting another poultry location and the same if you are returning home from being around other poultry. If we take some simple precautions we can prevent a lot of diseases from spreading.

Check with authorities in your area to see what, if any, diseases you should be concerned about. Here is a link for those in the US to contact your state veterinarian.

The link provided above no longer links directly to bird security although you can gain access to APHIS services via this link

Here are some additional links of interest.
Most of these links were provided by Coop members. Thank you!

Knowlege is your best defense and wash your hands laugh

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