My understanding from the little research I have been able to do, is that it is following the migration patterns of waterfowl and it is inevitable that it will be in the US soon. The thing is Avian flu is already here, it is just not a virilant form. No H5N1 cases have been found. Avian flu, like the flu in humans mutates frequently, that is why human flu vaccine is changed every year. The H5N1 version of the flu is wide spread in Asia, but not all strains seem to be as virilant and most do not cross the species line, from bird to human, but we have seen this before in Swine flu, it could mutate and become much more virilant and cross the spiecies line much more easily. I have had my flock checked and have added it to my NPIP check yearly. I do not fear the flu in my flock anymore that I do any other disease that is passed from wild birds to our flocks, I do however wash my hands more often and now store and wear coveralls and shoe covers in all my different chicken houses, so I do not carry any dander or droppings into my home, I really do not need to change between house because my chickens mingle freeranging, but I have made it a habit just incase the day does come that I cannot free range my chickens. I worry more about delivery trucks and visitor than anything else, as there are many non NPIP flocks in my area, I worry more about disease that are easlily passed from flock to flock than the flu. My two cents on it is become a NPIP flock, have your flock checked for Avian flu at your annual bleeding and just prepare for what you will do, if it does come to your area, can you isolate your flock?

I do much the same with my dogs, and have for years. No visitors are allowed where I raise my puppies, no exceptions, I cannot have parvo spread to areas where non vaccinated puppies learn to play, love and become good canine citizens. This even includes my Mom, you just have to decide what you can and are willing to do to protect you animals.