I am new to this forum. A friend recommended that I reply to this thread as I have been working on a very similar project. Big Medicine, your silver-laced birds look amazing. You have done an awesome job establishing a nice Brahma type. I would very much like to buy some eggs from you when you have some available.

Below are pictures of my birds, all are about eight months old at the time of the photo except for the angry looking little cockerel who I think is about 5 months old.

I am very excited to find another breeder working on such a similar color variety of LF Brahma. When I started my project almost ten years ago my goal was to create one of my favorite color patterns in one of my favorite breeds. Now I am very close to having large fowl buff-laced Brahmas. When I began this project there were no heavy breed buff-laced birds to be found, so I started from scratch with buff and dark brahmas, golden laced cochins, golden-laced wyandottes, a blue Wyandotte/dark Brahma cross, white laced red Cornish, and a dominant white buff columbian Ameraucana hen. From the beginning I created and maintained two relatively unrelated lines so that Id always have an outcross if I needed it. Unfortunately these lines no longer carry the blue gene which they should so the lacing looks a bit dirty. Big Medicine, when you have some blue or splash laced golds or reds Id be interested in obtaining some from you to reintroduce the blue gene.

Thanks for lifting my spirits Big Medicine, and I hope everyone else enjoys the pictures.

All the best,