TimJ, thanks for the words of encouragement. Breed development and history is a big interest of mine, so naturally I commend all those who so doggedly uphold breed standards. We should all grateful to them. But so to our hobby and poultry industry would be nothing without the likes of mavericks such as Sir John Sebright. I see breeds as fluid things and I see breed standards simply as the baffles that help 'steady' the gene pool. I guess I just happen to find tributaries to be more fun than ponds. smile

Thanks Manok. I have yet to use a rooster that produced no gold-laced offspring. But I hatch hundreds of chicks and my hatches are well over 80% buff-laced, so some of the hens are likely homozygous. I am pursuing this particular project from more of a population perspective in that I don’t put too much emphasis on creating that one perfect buff-laced specimen. In short, I don’t know which birds might be homozygous. I have thought about doing some test-matings and forcing them down the path of homozygosity for color pattern and brahma type, but since my selection concerns have also been for longevity and production traits, I have avoided the temptation to create any sort of purely aesthetic ‘selection bottleneck’ for them that might overly reduce the genetic integrity of the flock. I have always assumed that the lighter colored birds are homozygous, but I can’t say for sure. As clear as mudd, I know.

Thank you Hen Gen for your kind words.