Big Medicine,

I have to say that I was thrilled to see your silver-laced bird photos. I really would like to obtain some blue/splash gold-laced brahmas from you for my project - as well as some silver laced birds when you have some available. I have not added new blood since I began this project, and while my birds are plenty strong and are egg laying machines, this flock could benefit from some very upright, and “browy” brahma-esque blood.

I intentionally created two lines simultaneously – with the intent of crossing them down the road. One is a blend of Cochin and Ameraucana and Brahma, and the other is a blend of Brahma, Cornish, and Wyandotte. The Cornish I used were a McMurray hatchery line and were long legged and looked very small. I had a lot of split wings and twisted flight feathers in this line and likely culled much of the Cornish blood out. My one line is slightly narrower in type and the other is a nice size, but is still too cochin-like for my taste. Last year I crossed the two and this produced my best birds this year. Now that I know that there are other laced Brahmas in existence, I may completely blend the two lines to create one large flock.

For some time I corresponded with a couple breeders in England and in The Netherlands that wanted to create their own buff-laced brahmas. I recommended that they cross Jubilee Indian Games with gold-laced Cochins and also cross their blue partridge brahmas with some buff-laced Wyandottes (I wish I had these to work with) and then cross the two lines. Like you, I thought that starting with the Brahma’s closest relatives made the most sense.

If you have an interest, I could pair up some gold-laced birds this year to produce some eggs for you - so you’d have more blood for your blue-laced red project. I’ll try to get some pictures.