Hiya, Medicine Man!

I finally found those magnificent birds you had told me about on the phone. Oh, I'm the "Goofy" Secretary of the best breed club in the world, the American Brahma Club, and we chatted a bit about your wonderful project the other night.

I am absolutely fascinated by those Silver Laced birds! I just love the heads, and as you had explained, that has to be where those ladies got their wide skulls, that are so sought after by Brahma breeders.

I look forward to seeing any other photos you may have, and if you get a chance, why not post them on our web site for the club? It's located at: , and it's supposed to be able to take member photos now.

As you probably know, we had to move our Website from its original MSN base, but we're learning as we go.

Thanks again for the photos and for working so diligently on this project. Please make a habit of documenting each and every aberration and defect, as well as the almost-perfect specimens you raise. The more paperwork, the easier it will be to get this gorgeous variety accepted in the Standard!

Plus, if you decide you'd like to show these birds at a sanctioned show, they are eligible to receive awards as high as Best of Variety. Ask for a copy of the show report, as this is evidence that they were shown and were not disqualified for any General Defects, as outlined in the Standard.

Give me a yell when you can, and please feel free to e-mail me with any more photos. My e-mail address is:


Yours in the fancy,