Choc, thank you! I am glad this thread gave you a boost – it has certainly reignited my interest. Like Big Medicine I too have been a bit concerned of late that I am making a mistake in having ‘all my eggs in one basket.’ At my partner’s insistence I did finally build another coop to split the flock in two as a partial insurance measure against a catastrophe. I think Big Medicine has the right idea about getting these birds in the hands of other breeders. I am hatching many eggs this spring with that very intent.

Nicamarvin, I’m a dreamer. My head is always about ten years ahead of my hands - and my pocketbook. It is the dream that keeps this project going for me. So, keep dreaming – a little bullheadedness helps a lot too!

Big Medicine, prior to stumbling upon this thread I always kept a large flock with two separate lines as a safeguard against inbreeding depression – I hatch a few hundred chicks each year and cull to about fifty breeders (many unavoidably lacking in type because I am trying to maintain such a large gene pool). As I mentioned earlier, I am quite relieved to discover this thread as your birds are an additional ‘genetic’ insurance policy for my flock. You have freed me up to cull a bit more ruthlessly and enjoy my flock a bit more. Like choc and nicamarvin, I too find your birds to be an inspiration – particularly those typey silver-laced birds (they approach in type those laced Brahmas that are in my head but not yet in my coop.) Good job!