On the Europe Show in Leipzig 2007 were silver and gold laced large cochins shown. I can check out Erfurt 2006 perhaps we've still a catalogue.
I don't know anything about laced Brahma's in Europe. We're active in the Dutch Brahma club.
Berend Beekhuis of the Dutch club, perhaps you know that name? was pointed on this thread.

The lavender partridges don't have good lacings.
Seems people have just as much difficulties in 'seeing' the lacings as in blue partridge and therefore don't make the good discisions when selecting. At least, in Holland. They also suffered from the 'lavender' feather growth inhibitor. Feather stubs on the shoulders were covered by the hackle, the judge didn't see it, lol
The first ones we saw also in Leipzig, original Swiss animals, but that's bantams. They had pretty good lacings.

The aussie cock above looks like a dinosaur.
Crossbred with what?