Those are awesome looking cochins indeed. I’d say they are blue laced as my blue laced red Sebrights have similar smokey lacing. The Blbl chicks have dark charcoal down and as adults look like ‘smokey’ gold sebrights – not very pretty actually. The splashes from this line have been a shade darker than lavender – but I still haven’t produced any decently laced splashes.

Another beautiful silver-laced brahma Big Medicine. Be sure to put me on the list for some eggs from them as well! smile My buff-laced breeding pens are winding down and for the first time in years I am setting up a pen of my best gold-laced birds – the rooster of which is a very deep mahogany red. So perhaps I will produce something useful to your blue-laced red project.

When I first started my buff-laced project I created many colors - blue buff columbian, white buff columbian, blue partridge, and gold laced. Ultimately all these colors were used to create my buff-laced birds. I worked on reds for a while as well, but parted with them and have since never seen or heard of them. I have an interesting old picture of these brahma crosses around here I’ll post if I can find it.