wowl the black tailed red look awsome...I think joachim or somebody else here was working in a red brahma...they look way cool..

Originally posted by Dan P.:
Big Medicine,

I only have a couple older girls just starting to go broody now (out of about forty). I think over the years I have been inadvertently selecting against broodiness. I think that this has also resulted in birds with very good egg production,
I think you are doing a breed a BIG favor, as very large breeds tend to be very broody and not lay much eggs, add that to the feeding bill and youŽll get a very expencive chicken, not to good with the poor masses and to you, but if you remove the broodiness out of them you will not only have more eggs to hatch from a same bird and the oportunity to see genetics even closer you will also have a show looking utility bird wich is always less expencive on all of us pockets...nice work keep ip up..