Nicamarvin, thank you for your input. This project has taken on a mind of its own and over the years I waver between beauty and utility. I do want a bird that will stand the test of time and that is inclined to go out on the range and fend for itself, or that can produce abundant eggs and an appetizing carcass, but I want that all wrapped up in a package that inspires me each and every time I enter the coop. Interestingly, throughout this process, the flock is gradually shifting into focus and the exceptional individual therein doesn’t hold the fascination it once did. Thanks again.

Moo, the reds where not a part of the buff-laced project – but all the rest were developed with that intent. I have always loved red birds – and BTW I used buckeyes, red cochins, and partridge brahmas. My intent with the reds and the buff-laced was to develop Brahmas in colors that no closely related breed had standardized. My next project is cream spangled, but that is all hush, hush at this point. smile