Been a while since I've posted, much ground to cover.

First off, it's not like I intentionally selected for broodiness. Just happens my woodburner is on the first floor, and the incubator is in basement. Wonder what Darwin would have made of that?

Dan, very interesting photo montage. I wish I would have had the foresight to document all the color phases that have occurred during these projects. Everything from spangeled, double laced, partridge, to a really nice golden duckwing cockerel, and alot in between.

Had a first yesterday, had a chick killed by hail. These guys have only been going out in the run for 5 days. Most have not even ventured out yet,4 didn't find their way back in, in time, 3 just wet, a nice big silver laced must have caught one in the head.

Got a pretty good reality check a few days ago. Here I was feeling pretty good about these birds, like maybe I had accomplished something. That was until I went to the Southern Ohio Poultry Show, and got an eye full of how truelly massive a Brahma can get. You could've played chess on their backs.(or checkers in my case) I still have a ways to go.