as far as culls, as soon as a undesireable trait is apparent, I make that bird available for someone else to feed. These are always cosmetic faults, In the blue laced pen , lack of good leg feathering , I hold on a little longer for comb .

Comb has not been an issue in the siver lace line in quite a while, still see a sign of vulture hock occasionally, lack of proper color in either line

I did not buy any birds at the Southern Ohio show. After talking to the breeder, as Jrsygntbrdr1 states, the rate of lay of these behemoths makes me question the trade off.

actually , the parent stock of my birds are from show lines, with the exception of the BLRW. The Brahma blood I used is known as a good laying line for show stock.

moo, that is probabley the route I will attempt.