Kind of took inventory of my young stock today. They are all running together. So this morning before I let them out, I sorted out all the silver laced pullets (about 60) put them in the outside run. Looked them over pretty good, took some pictures, then ran them out in the yard. Repeated the process with red pullets(30+-),red cockerels(25+-),and silver laced cockerels(40+-)which left about 20 little silver laced that I left inside.

At this age (mostly april and may hatches) I am happy with my silver laced pullets, very consistent, uniform in color and type, in as much as they show at this age.

Now the silver males always concern me at this age. They pretty uniformly look like crap, black necked, gangly, Icabod Crane looking goofs. Makes me wonder if I have unintentionally developed a pullet breeding line. It always looks like a lost cause, till they grow out.

The red chicks are all over the place. Combs range from pea, to rose, to small flat cushion, even a single comb. Some of the cushion combs have a break about 3/4 way up, a small line of feather and then the remaining 1/4 of comb.

Leg feathering varied greatly in the red chicks as well. As stated earlier, there were some compleatly clean legged chicks, most feathered down the outer toe, and a few had their middle toe feathered. Does not appear to be any trend between comb and leg feathering, or color for that matter.

Color wise, again all over the place, about have to post the photos, (which I can`t untill I get the big computer running). One thing I found interesting was 4 red columbian type chicks,3 male, 1 female, all blue phase, none black.

I`m happy with the sex ratio, more pullets than cockerels.

On a side note, I traded some young silver laced for a couple splash blue columbian Brahma pullets this weekend. I figure if I do get some huge lights to increase size on my silver laced, I might as well make it interesting.