My hat is off to you Big Medicine. I love to see such large numbers and so much uniformity therein. Well done indeed. Next year I must buy some eggs of your silvers and your BLR's.

I do not have so many growing chicks this year. I culled heavily for combs, chick down all the way to the middle toe, and correct chick down color pattern at day one. I culled out all vulture hocks a month or so later and ultimately that didn’t leave me with nearly enough to grow up. My fingers are crossed to say the least.

It is wise of you to raise up so many birds and then make your selection. I couldn’t do that this year. It always seems that there are few mysteries that shed a bit of light on what’s lurking in your gene pool and a few ‘Eureka’s!’ that send you marching off in yet another direction – and that is where the fun is. I hatched a couple hundred chicks but now have about a half of that to finish growing. I won't learn as much about my gene pool this year - but I will undoubtedly learn a lot about the repercussions of culling to heavily! LOL.

I never did hatch any blue laced birds, so please do keep me in mind when you have a one to sell. I did pair up some black laced gold/red birds with you in mind and I do have a few promising chicks to show you (swap with you if they turn out and you are interested). I’ll have to get my camera out to the barn again. Below is a picture of a few of my current buff laced chicks. I listed a buff laced brahma cockerel on Eggbid today. I am at the point where I have more turning out than not, so it must be time for me to start passing them on. I have mixed feelings about “turning them loose”, but I guess it is time to get these birds out into the hand of other breeders.