Hey Big Medicine,

That is a very impressive group of blue-laced birds!

I purchased a big partridge rooster of German decent this summer because I couldn’t find a blue partridge. I intend to breed him to my oldest, biggest, typiest buff laced girl this fall. She is a bit on the homely side – looks a bit like a Toulouse Goose actually – but I haven’t used her that much, so it would produce some large typey outcross birds for next seasons breeding pens.

Actually, from your flock I’d be more interested in a blue laced buff cockerel than in blue partridge. In them you have already done the work of combining the pattern gene with columbian and adding melanotic and blue gene (plus such a bird would not carry mahogany – a bonus for me).

I love the bird in the third photo down (the blue laced red cockerel). WOW! As I mentioned earlier, I paired up a few gold (deep red) laced birds this year with you in mind, but the reddest cockerel from this breeding looks to be hetero for pea comb and still has a completely black neck. I should have hatched more from this group. I have selected against autosomal red as it makes my buff laced cocks look too red-shouldered, and I have selected against mahogany as my goal is buff laced, not white laced red. Just the same, I am certain I still have both genes floating around in my flock that would work for you.