there is quite a difference between my red and silver birds. The red males develop much quicker than the silvers,

The blue partridge cockerel in the photos could have been hatched as early as mid April. Still need work on the footfeathering. Are you aware of any breeders in the U.S. working on blue partridge Brahma large fowl. I would like to find a breeder who could utilize his potential. I may list him on eggbid, or take him to Columbus next month.

Your buff laced sound a lot like my silver laced. The pullets have looked good from the start, while the cockerels have looked like a waste of feed. Just in the past week or so I will come around the corner and see a cockerel in the yard and think "ya well maybe", which believe me is a step up from the impression they had been giving.

Just remember patience is a virtue.
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