Big Medicine,

I suggest putting some on Eggbid and letting the market determine their price. I tried to only sell my variety to people who seemed passionate about continuing my project and taking it to the next level. The objectives with my brahma projects are twofold: one is to reestablish utility in the breed and the other is too impart novel colors that set them apart from closely related breeds and hopefully renew a bit of interest in them. The issue for my buff laced variety is that the only other breeds that have a buff laced variety are polish and sebrights - so many of my birds are already being used to develop buff laced wyandottes and cochins here in the US. Wyandotte and Cochin breeders embrace new color varieties whereas brahma breeders have resisted all change - save for removing nearly all utility from the breed. Hopefully by the time buff laced cochins and wyandottes arrive on the scene my buff laced brahmas will be the dual purpose beauties I envision and my silver spangled brahmas will be well on their way to joining them. I suggest selling only the best you can afford to part with and pricing them high enough to discourage all but the most dedicated breeders at this point. Conversely, I have given away some of my best birds to people in the hopes of igniting their passion for poultry. Good luck!