This is not related to Long Crowers. But I identify with just not liking a bird based on personality (behaviour). For me it's looks too. For so long I've had Australorp and Dark Brahmas and the resulting mixed mutts. They have dark skin, feathered legs, small combs. I like this. It looks neat and sturdy and they have the personality of bowling balls. They are relaxed and mellow and I have to roll them out of my way with my foot.

Recently hatched some different crosses. They have this pale, white skin and look like I do after all these months of winter. Ick! And they are looking barred and will probably have regular size combs. Well, not in my hen house you don't! eek

So I was happy to hear that you would openly admit that you went in with high hopes and gee, you just weren't in love with them. Now I don't feel as bad about my fickle poultry prejudices. :rolleyes: