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Finally put down the last of the Long Crowers I was working on for the past couple of years. Started with 10 Tomaru's from Sandhill. The 4 Roosters I got were not much as crowers. Then I won a couple of auctions for Denizli eggs, from which I hatched 3 of the nuttiest roosters I've ever seen. The one I kept actually was a 12 second crower by the time he was 9 months old, and the calmest of the three. He was also the most insane chicken I've ever owned! After crossing the two varieties (raised 80 of them) I ended up with quite a bunch of pretty birds. The hens were indifferent layers; the best rooster hit 8 seconds at 6 months old, then faded to just barely better than my Australorpe rooster. He did crow almost constantly, day and night. I have no near neighbors so the noise was not a problem. What finally sent them all to the afterlife was the fact that they were so looney they made my few Leghorn hens look downright lethargic. I've never been as excited about getting a variety of chickens, nor so completely disappointed.
I feel your pain buddy, and as many of us have set back before, Do you think the Long Crow Genes are closely to their crazy behavior?? if you want a long crower with melow personality couldīnt you breed them to cochins?wyanndotes?