I have always maintained that you can raise a superior product and render it a waste product if you do not kill it properly. Hats off to the Meat Inspection Regulation and their forced cruelty and inhumanity. Yes I DO feel that shipping live animals to be killed in strange surroundings by strangers is the ultimate form of cruelty. And panicked meat is dog food if you ask me.

Once we sent our tenderly raised meatbirds out to be butchered by someone else. He was good at butchering, but you could tell immediately by how he handled the birds that there was no CARE involved. Just killing. He grabbed those huge birds so roughly and stuffed them in cages. We could hear legs breaking. It was sickening. mad While hubby and I handled each one like a 10 pound baby, cradling then gently and speaking to them quietly. When those birds came back they stunk. Instead of the wonderful aroma of roasting chicken, there was this rank, sour odour. I warned people about it when I gave a few away. They were good to eat, but there was just this smell that was very off- putting. Fear. Panic. Strangers grabbing and handling roughly. Does it make a difference? You bet your Sunday dinner it does! eek

By the by, good to see you throwing in your two bits, haven't seen you around for a while. Hope all is well with you.