Question #1 How old was your rooster?

Question #2 What breed was your rooster?

If you have an 8 week old meat bird and he is tough, then you have done something wrong in raising or butchering him. If you have a 6 month old or 1 year old rooster of any other breed, darn right he's going to be tough because that's the way the coyotes like em!

There is going to be an avalanche of opposing opinions saying that people eat their 1 and 2 year old RIRs or Barred Rocks and they are tender and juicy. Perhaps if you have pulverized said rooster by cooking him in a pressure cooker and submitting him to enough steam to run a locomotive, he may be tender. Or slow cooked him for 11 days in a slow cooker, he may be tender. Or canned him, in effect cooking him once then opened the can and cooked him a second time, then he may be tender. But let's face it, roosters can be eaten but how easily they can be eaten is a subject of much debate!

This is the same as people who raise dairy animals for beef and call them beef. WRONG! A Hereford and a Holstein on a plate will NEVER be the same thing! And a meatbird and any other rooster on a plate will NEVER be the same thing!

To happily consume a rooster you must be a wizard in the kitchen and I take my hat off to the many, many people here who do just that. But I would never roast any old rooster and expect him to be a tender Sunday dinner. Let that idea go! frown While you can indeed eat your rooster, you are likely to not exactly enjoy your rooster if you are roasting him. In my opinion you must do something much more aggressive to get him to be tender, like soak him in lye or battery acid for a few days. (don't actaully DO this, it is a figure of speech eek ) But you get my drift.

I admire the idea of eating surplus roosters. Lots of people do. They are brave. They are pioneers. They are more skilled in the kitchen. But I simply refuse to bother. I have wonderful, tender meatbirds in my freezer, raised for the very purpose of eating. I doubt that your problems are related to butchering or cooling. I believe that roosters is roosters is roosters and coyotes have the teeth for eating them. But us....not so much.

I shall now brace for the backlash...or at least hope there will be backlash considering some of the posting problems there have been lately. Hope others can get on and tell us how they eat nothing but tough old roosters, how only one will keep the family eating for a week or more. I believe this to be true. laugh