Look back to the centuries of hunting--- and the "hanging" of the fowl (even before plucking), which is cooling, but not necessarily chilling. My father always killed the Sunday dinner rooster on Saturday morning, although, it was plucked and cleaned at that time. During the depression years, we had no refrigerator. The bird was set in the laundry trays in the basement, cool, but hardly cold, until prepared on Sunday. I can never remember a tough fowl--and still wonder about those who DO have tough birds that they raised themselves???? It is only smart to SLOW cook, covered, an old bird--and then take the meat off and chop or grind it for Pot Pies or soup!

Of course, we had "meaty" chickens, which I still call the "real" chicken (unlike factory raised) And the soft (not tender, but SOFT), chicken that is admired today, which to me, is hardly appetizing, is tasteless without salt, seasonings, crusty texture. The finest eating chicken, beef, pork, lamb, (wild--duck, goose, bison, yak, venison, elk,etc.), requires little, even no salt to reveal wonderful distinct flavor, and the neat marinades, seasonings and methods of cooking, just lend variety to a favorite menu item, and are not a necessary addition !! IMHO CJR