Even if it is better to 'flash chill' does the average do- it- yourselfer have the equipment to flash chill? We have always water cooled because that's how our parent's did it and that is the only option available to us! We do not have fridge space to chill 12 or 25 birds prior to freezing. It is simply not an option for us.

We make do with what we have and what we have is cold water. And I think a cooled carcass freezes faster. Plus warm carcasses in the freezer tend to make it ice up really bad! It makes no sense to put 12 warm bodies in your freezer. Bad freezer management.

CJR, you make me chuckle. You remember all the roosters being tender, once they were ground, chopped, and pulverized. wink Tender, as long as they are not served as a Sunday roast chicken dinner. So, can you eat a rooster? Sure. Will it be like a young, plump, specifically raised and finished meat bird? Not on your life! The two cannot be compared nor can they be cooked the same way expecting the same results. But as you point out, it is most definitely doable.