you did a wonderful job on it ! it is really nice, all i have is a 3 by 8 ft. pen which 10 of my chickens stay in, the others live in a little inside pen, its 3 ft square, i may have some picture.

10 mins later....

Found the pictures

This is a picture of my grandfathers barn, i was thinking about asking him if i could put some chickensin there but i didnt cause were going to build a barn this spring, the barn is back my road, my grandparents live about 5 kms up the road from me. They only use the barn now to catch the cattle in the fall. And also to store hay.

We also had a 12 by 12 ft. pen bakc in the woods but i tore that down for some strange reason, lol, dont know why. confused confused confused

But i kept my geese in it.