Well i tried to controll the breeding but it didnt exactly work out. And i put them on when they were too young and it kinda grew into their leg a bit.

2 weeks ago my Barred rock hen died so the potential barred rock breeding is gone, she had just started laying, i found a hige clutch of gigantic brown eggs under a bush. But they all froze.

Well there arent any Wolves around here but there are lots of hybrid/inbred coyoties, We have a huge pack of them which circle aroudnd our place, they go back to the pit which is back my road then back to my grandfathers farm and around and around. Every night i can hear them howling.

Foxes are getting a grip again around here, i think thats a good thing, but with the coyocies they wondt live because the coyoties have all the rabbits scared half to death.

Yeha the barn is huge, and it is in good condidion, good condition for being over one hundred years old. Theres holds in the floor of the loft though, lol. I was looking thorught it this summer and there are two realyl nice pens in it in the back which have doors to the outside, i was thinking of getting a llama and maybe asking him if i could keep it there, its a relaly nice cement and wood pen.

I should take a picture of the field he has behind the barn, youll be amazed, its over 100 acres. and its fields all around it also, so probably he has about 300 acres of land right there