I tried to work out how to post photos here, but couldn't. So I have started my own MSN Group.


Most of my coops are made from recycled materials. Councils here have a bulk rubbish collection every so often so I gather things like timber(from bedheads, wardrobes etc) and I also frequent the salvage yard as well. I bought an above ground swimming pool wall for less than $20, and have about 20 metres of walls and roofs for coops. The Duck pen was built from the frame off an old Toyota ute that holds the canvas canopy. Any wood that touches the ground is treated pine.The feeder is made from a water bottle. Next time I will not be cutting big slots in the bottom part, but will drill some holes about 50mm in diameter.Hopefully this will stop the chooks from flicking the food out onto the floor.

The chook house has three levels, though only the ground floor and first floor is used. It has inspection/egg collection doors on the exterior of the pen, the bottom shelf swings up for access to the ground floor where they lay. Ihave put apiece of artificial grass on the shelf for the girls to roost on, it is easier to move than woodshavings and easy to clean too.

I have an old rabbit hutch(also found on a rubbish run) and an IR light(from the local Salvation Army shop) that I use for brooding the day old meat chicks.

I am now banned by the wife from looking at or bringing home junk(or building materials as I keep telling her) so any expansions will have to be discreetly done laugh